Gin Trait-Carré 1665

Trait-Carré 1665 is a gin aged in small specially selected American rye whiskey casks. We developed this gin using the same botanical profile as our Trait-Carré gin and matured it in barrels for a period of 2 to 6 months. We bottled this special gin at 48% alc./vol. to allow the soft and mellow flavors to fully blossom on your palate.

This journey in oak barrels gives the Trait-Carré 1665 gin a beautiful golden hue and intricate notes of vanilla, pepper and spices.

Gin aficionados who enjoy unconventional products and love to explore new sensory experiences will be in for a treat with this gin offering a complex and daring experience full of flavors.

1665 takes us back to a turning point for Quebec City. That year, Intendant Jean Talon arrived and his work triggered the birth of an industry that enabled residents to exploit local resources to better meet their needs. That same year, the Trait-Carré was designed and founded, based on a star-shaped distribution of land converging to an inner square around which its inhabitants lived.

Finally, this Quebec gin is a tribute to the builders of the City of Quebec as well as a reminder of the time when wooden barrels were the preferred containers for the transportation of goods on ships.

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700 ml
48% alc./vol