Ice Cider

Multi-award winning prestigious ice cider Domaine Lafrance is exported in  France, China and Japan.

Made with three varieties of apples, Domaine Lafrance is a complex ice cider made with cryoconcentration.

Cryoconcentration: apples are picked when mature, and then they are frozen before the pressing. After, the juice is frozen outside to extract the concentrate. Finally, this concentrate is placed in a wooden for a six month fermentation.

Domaine Lafrance is sweet, smooth and liquorous, with fresh apple aromas. Taken with an entrée, the dessert plate or a fine old Cheddar. Foie gras, pâtés and terrines, tarte Tatin, apricot mousse and dark chocolate.

One 375 ml bottle of ice cider requires 12 or more kilos of apples, or the equivalent of 60+ apples.

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375 ml
11% alc./vol